Traveling Together: Slavery, Landscape, and Historical Imagination

Diverse geographical sites, which we thought we knew, can link us, in unexpected ways, to nearly forgotten histories of slavery and liberation. For several years, I have been exploring the stories of enslaved African Americans who resided, not under conditions of their own choosing, in the region now known as “Cathedral Heights,” in northwest Washington,Continue reading “Traveling Together: Slavery, Landscape, and Historical Imagination”

A New Tabernacle: Remembering Lynching in Montgomery, Alabama

The most important American memorial in a generation isthe  National Memorial for Peace and Justice, in Montgomery, Alabama. Since it opened in April 2018, the memorial, designed by the MASS Design Group, in partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative on a six acre site in downtown Montgomery, has become one of the world’s most-discussed monuments.Continue reading “A New Tabernacle: Remembering Lynching in Montgomery, Alabama”

Inspiration from the Waters: Apay’uq’s Art and the Bristol Bay Struggle

The complex ecosystem of Bristol Bay in southeast Alaska, and the struggle to preserve this world’s largest salmon fishery from the planned Pebble Mine project, have  “spawned” a great range of artistic responses, including the striking work of the artist  Apay’uq. For Yup’ik peoples, like other Native peoples of the region, the life cycles ofContinue reading “Inspiration from the Waters: Apay’uq’s Art and the Bristol Bay Struggle”